Enhance Your Daily Rituals: Elevate Your Wellness Journey with Our Aromatherapy Collection!

Our collection of HYSSES products that can meet your carry-on travel needs! Whether it are face care products that help lock in extra moisture on a long-haul flight, body products to combat dehydrated skin for cold weather or essential oils for a better travel experience, we have it all!

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Remedies, Bugs Be Gone (Lemongrass & Clove)
Travel Gift Set (Body Wash & Lotion)
Hand Sanitiser Rosemary Peppermint
Hand Sanitiser Lemongrass
Travel Gift Set (Body Wash & Massage Oil)
Remedies, Revitalising
Mini Massage Oil Peppermint
Travel Gift Set (Shampoo & Conditioner) Lavender Hinoki, 65ml
Hand Sanitiser Lavender Chamomile
Hand Sanitiser Jasmine
Mini Travel Nebuliser
Sold Out
Mini Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Essential Oil Grapefruit
Travel Hand Cream Gift Set of 4
Essential Oil Blends, Set of 4 (Insomnia, Bugs Be Gone, Balancing, Sensual Mood)
Essential Oils, Classic Set of 4 (Lemongrass, Lavender, Bergamot & Deep Sleep)
Sold Out
Aroma Perfume Set of 2 (Rila, Tikal)
Sold Out
Aroma Perfume Set of 2 (Minoki, Isalo)
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Room Scent Gift Set of 4, Christmas Limited Ed.
Room Scent Gift Set of 4, Classic
Linen Spray and Home Scent Gift Set of 2
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Travel Gift Set (Hand Cream & Hand Sanitiser)
Travel Gift Set (Hand Wash & Hand Sanitiser)
Travel Gift Set (Hand Wash & Hand Cream)