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The Power of Scalp Tonic

Healthy skin begins with healthy skin, and healthy hair begins with healthy hair. It's likely that your hair loss may be linked back to your scalp, whether it's thinning, breaking apart at the ends, or falling out more than usual.

Shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums, for example, will all have an effect on thinning hair. However, in order to make such items as effective as possible, you should start at the beginning. Adding scalp care products to your hair care routine, such as a scalp tonic or serum, will help your hair develop in a healthy environment. In general, if your scalp is blocked, dry, inflamed, or itchy, it can lead to dandruff and hair loss, among other issues.

HYSSES Scalp Tonic is a Pre-Shampoo Hair Remedy made entirely of botanicals.

Rosemary, Tea Tree, Hinoki, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Coconut, and Argan extracts help to regulate the scalp and increase microcirculation, which helps to awaken the scalp and invigorate hair development. Pro-Vitamin B5 is also included to help enhance hair texture, strengthen the hair shaft, and prevent hair loss.

Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Hinoki mixes have antifungal characteristics that assist to eliminate the yeast that causes dandruff and soothe itching scalps.

  • 4 out of 5 participants report their hair is softer, smoother, and thicker as a result of the treatment.
  • Treatment-specific formulation that cleanses, purifies, and revitalizes the scalp to promote healthy hair development.
  • Infused with an award-winning hair care chemical that reactivates the complete pigmentation process in the hair follicle to eliminate grey hair in only four months.

Rosemary essential oil is used to make a variety of products.

Because of its capacity to enhance cellular production, rosemary oil is an excellent choice for increasing hair thickness and growth. According to one research, rosemary oil performed similarly to minoxidil, a popular hair growth medication, but with less adverse effects such as scalp irritation.

Tea tree oil improves blood flow and allows nutrients to reach hair follicles, balances the pH level of the scalp, and stimulates the hair growth cycle to give you a head full of strong, healthy hair, in addition to soothing an itchy scalp, reducing dandruff and flaking, and preventing excess oil production.

Hinoki essential oils were discovered to be able to mend damaged cells in hair follicles and increase hair growth.