HYSSES essential oils are 100% pure, free from synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and unnecessary fillers. To make a scent truly your own, experiment with different blends from HYSSES' selection of more than 40 essential oils.

Remedies, Anxiety
Remedies, Bugs Be Gone (Lemongrass & Clove)
Remedies, Calming
Remedies, Cold & Flu
Remedies, Detoxification
Remedies, Immunity Booster
Remedies, Insomnia (Marjoram & Sandalwood)
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Remedies, Memory Enhancement
Remedies, Mental Fatigue
Remedies, Relaxing
Remedies, Revitalising
Remedies, Sensual Mood (Ylang Ylang & Jasmine)
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Remedies, Stress Relief
Remedies, Balancing
Remedies, Deep Sleep
Remedies, Sensual Mood (Palmarosa & Jasmine)
Remedies, Bugs Be Gone (Cedarwood, Patchouli)
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Remedies, Immunity Booster, 10ml
Remedies Mental Fatigue, 100ml
Remedies Detoxification, 100ml
Remedies, Insomnia (Lavender & Sandalwood)